When they put an experimental rule like this into play,Kawann Short Jersey I'm not sure if both sides of it were completely thought out,” Crosby said. “Because it's the [NFL's] mindset that, if the ball's in the end zone,Chris Hogan Jersey most teams are going to think, 'OK, we'll take a knee and take it at the 25.' But kickers are good enough,Michael Bennett Jersey and coaches like to scheme. We won't even kick it into the end zone and that's not even an option. “I think what that rule ends up doing is it makes that kickoff game plan meeting a little more in-depth as far as, what are our changeup kicks going to look like,Sean Davis Jersey at what point do we try to hit touchbacks? It'll be interesting.” Crosby said the Packers, who started organized team activity practices Monday,Jeremy Hill Jersey have spent more time this offseason discussing how to approach kickoffs. Last season, Crosby kicked off 80 times and finished with 41 touchbacks (a career-high 51.2 percent).Daryl Washington Jersey “But then there were a lot of returns from 5-, 6-plus yards deep, and obviously this year if I hit that ball, that's not coming out.C.J. Anderson Jersey So what would my number have been then percentage-wise?” Crosby said. “We have a lot of ideas; ultimately, it'll really come down to what Coach McCarthy feels is our best advantage to eliminate them from starting at the 25 every time.Darren McFadden Jersey I think that's probably going to be the game plan. We don't want to kick the ball in the end zone every time.” Crosby said he expects McCarthy and special-teams coordinator Ron Zook to take everything into account -- opponent tendencies, quality of the returner -- before deciding on a plan of action each week.Andre Williams Jersey Then again, that decision could be made for them later in the season. “I think ultimately, I have to remind you,Julius Peppers Jersey we do play in Green Bay, Wisconsin,” Crosby said with a laugh. “And December in Green Bay decides a lot of that for us. So whenever I hit that 4-second hang-time kick to the goal line, I can say it was an on-purpose popup kick instead of me trying to kick it out of the end zone.”